Catherine’s Vision for the Future of Eagle’s Embrace Naturist Nest

Eagle’s Embrace has been a long-time dream of mine. It began many years ago and has evolved to where it is today. I have been led by the spirit and my native spiritual beliefs to do this.

100 acres of virtually untouched nature with the Indian River going right through the property. 20,000 acres of Crown Land hug 2 sides of the property. All kinds of wildlife including wolves, coyotes, deer, mink to name a few as well as Eagles, Falcons, Owls, and Hawks again to name a few. You can swim in the Salt Water Pool or lounge in the Hot Tub. You can also swim at Robb’s Lake, go boating/fishing in Clayton Lake, Hiking the California Trails, or Canoe on our very own part of the Indian River.

We have been busy building space to accommodate many different events for Naturists within Mother Nature. We have a Pavilion name The Hummingbird,  numerous cabins, Ground Tenting space as well as space for campers and trailers. This is a place where we can just let go and enjoy life.

Mother Nature, Within Reach, and Within Your Means!

Whether you just need to get away from it all, recuperating from an illness, suffering from the loss of a loved one, depression, want to reconnect with nature, writing a book, etc We are open to camping whether it’s in a tent or trailer, or on the ground. We have met our goal of Eagles Embrace being able to offer cabin accommodations but more will be in making. We are open to Events such as weddings, receptions, family reunions, Workshops, Gatherings, Retreats, Festivals, and Camping. Contact Catherine by private message to inquire about anything. I’m always happy to try and make your wishes come true.


My Story

Having a difficult childhood, made me see and feel things differently. I knew at a very young age, that I wanted to make a difference in this world. One person at a time, I could help and have been doing this as far as I can remember.

Eagles Embrace is my sanctuary, my safe place. I accept people unconditionally, I do not judge, I offer this as a refuge, a safe place, a place to get away from it all. To disconnect is to truly connect….

Our Goals

Striving to be off-grid, self-sufficient, and self-sustainable. I am growing food and raising meat. While I hunt or forage, I never take more than I need and always give back more than I take.

By using the natural resources offered to us by Mother Earth here at Eagles Embrace, we are building cabins to provide accommodations, creating gardens to grow our own fruits and vegetable…..

Meet the Team

Without all of my supporters, great friends, hard workers, encouragers, divine interveners, and my undying drive to make my dreams come true…. Thanks to my community for all of your love and support.

I couldn’t have done this without you